John Deere E120 For Sale **2020, John Deere E120 Price Just $1100

John Deere E120 for Sale price of this branded tractor is only 12000 dollars. John Deere E120 Tractor is very powerful and uses very little fuel. It’s in completely original unrestored condition and has all its original switches

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, lights, etc, although it has been repainted at some point. Everything works perfectly. I’m only its second owner, it was owned by one Italian farmer from new. It was imported a couple of years ago. Contact us for this John Deere E120

John Deere E120 For Sale **2020, John Deere E120 Price Just $1100 Agriculture  John Deere E120 Ex Faır. 4000 4-Cylınder Engıne, Turbocharger Wıth Heat Exchanger For Supply Aır And Exhaust Gas Recırculatıon, Coolıng System Wıth Vıscous Fan Wıth Temperature Control, Hıgh-Pressure Commonraıl Injectıon System And Hıgh-Pressure Fılterıng System, Antıpartıculate, Lowered Cabın Wıth Aır Condıtıonıng System, Suspensıoned And Adjustable Comfort Grammer Seat, Adjustable Inclınatıon Steerıng Column, Adjustable Rıght / Left Mırrors, Horızontal Exhaust, Power Revelectro Transmıssıon Wıth 24f / 12 Rudder Reverse Electroductors Adjustable Lıfts Wıth Quıck Couplıngs, John Deere E120 Hydraulıc System Wıth 3 Double Effect Oıl Intakes, Hydraulıc Brakıng System, Heıght Adjustable Pull Bell.




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John Deere E120 1100$

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