Stella Racoon 110-4×4 – Landscape Contractor For Sale

Unleash Adventure with the Stellar Racoon 110 4WD!


🌟 Ready to Explore? Discover the Perfect Off-Road Companion! 🌟

🚗 For Sale: Stellar Racoon 110 4WD 🏞️ Conquer Any Terrain with Confidence 📅 Year: 2012 💰 Price: $400

🌐 Key Features: ✅ 4-Wheel Drive Capability ✅ Powerful [Engine Size] Engine ✅ Spacious Interior with Seating for [Number of Passengers] ✅ Robust Suspension for Smooth Off-Road Adventures ✅ [Additional Features e.g., Bluetooth Connectivity, Navigation System, etc.]

📢 Why Choose the Stellar Racoon 110?

Stella Racoon 110-4x4 - Landscape Contractor For Sale Agriculture  Adventure Awaits! Whether it’s rocky trails or open highways, the Stellar Racoon 110 is your ticket to unparalleled exploration. With its rugged 4WD system and [Engine Size] engine, you’ll tackle challenges with ease while enjoying the comfort of a spacious interior. From weekend getaways to cross-country journeys, the Stellar Racoon 110 is your reliable partner in every escapade.

🔧 Well-Maintained and Ready to Roam: This Stellar Racoon 110 has been meticulously maintained, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your journeys ahead. With its [Mileage] mileage, it’s just getting started on the adventure of a lifetime.


Victoria-based International Mowers has some very interesting and different machinery in its line-up. The Stella Racoon Flail mower is a great example.

At first glance you can see the Stella Racoon is a robust machine, and although small in stature, it is unbelievable what the Racoon is capable of.

Solidly built with a full 42mm x 2mm tubular frame, as well as a second rear frame for additional reinforcement where the drive unit attaches, the Racoon is built to tackle the toughest of conditions. A hefty nudge bar on the front is angled to deflect longer material away from the operator and push it down to be mown over. The checkerplate foot pan is also angled at the front corners, ensuring debris deflection and operator safety.


500 Stella Racoon 110-4×4 is $400

Stella Racoon 110-4×4 in Canada

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